50 Cent Says Kanye West Can’t Just Walk Into The High-end Fashion World

This idea and Im in. and Im hot. Prior to speaking on Kanye, 50 Cent touched on the evolution of fashion in Hip Hop. He recalled seeing rappers sporting white t-shirts with their names or labels plastered on them at past BET Hip Hop Awards. The Queens emcee Kim Kardashiansex Tape then went on to point out that Hip Hop artists are now leaning more towards what he referred to as European-cut clothing. Its a shift in the way the actual audience is hanging. Now theyre into high-end clothing now, he said. Theyre wearing European-cut clothing. And as clothes got tighter and tighter and tighter they start buying designer clothing thatsthe person probably wouldnt want to see them in their clothes. But they dont realize how much influence pop culture actually has. Fifty also discussed high-end car companies like Ferrari and Rolls Royce during his interview with XXL. He pointed out that most of these high-end car companies rarely release commercials since rap videos double as ads for them.
More: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.27302/title.50-cent-says-kanye-west-can-t-just-walk-into-the-high-end-fashion-world


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